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Battery Panasonic DMW-BLD10 (Li-ion, 7.4 V, 850 mAh), CS-BLD10MC Battery Canon BP-2L12 (Li-ion, 7.4 V, 1500 mAh), CS-NB2L12 Battery Olympus EA-BLM5 (Li-ion, 7.4 V, 1600 mAh), CS-BLM5 Battery Sony NP-FR1 (Li-ion, 3.7 V, 900 mAh), CS-FR1

Battery Canon NB-2L18 (Li-ion, 7.4 V, 2000 mAh), CS-NB2L18

Battery Canon NB-2L18 (Li-ion, 7.4 V, 2000 mAh), CS-NB2L18
Battery Canon NB-2L18 (Li-ion, 7.4 V, 2000 mAh), CS-NB2L18 Battery Canon NB-2L18 (Li-ion, 7.4 V, 2000 mAh), CS-NB2L18 Battery Canon NB-2L18 (Li-ion, 7.4 V, 2000 mAh), CS-NB2L18 Battery Canon NB-2L18 (Li-ion, 7.4 V, 2000 mAh), CS-NB2L18
Model: Battery Canon NB-2L18 (Li-ion, 7.4 V, 2000 mAh)
Specs: Li-ion, 7,4 V, 2000 mAh
Article: CS-NB2L18
Manufacturer: Hong Kong, CameronSino
Warranty: 12 months
Availability: In Stock
Price: 25 $    why our prices are lower?
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  • Digital Rebel XT EOS 350D
  • DV5
  • DV5-BL
  • DV-FV M100
  • DVM3
  • ELURA 40mc
  • ELURA 50
  • ELURA 60
  • ELURA 65
  • ELURA 70
  • ELURA 80
  • ELURA 85
  • ELURA 90
  • FVM100 KIT
  • FVM20
  • FVM200
  • FVM30
  • FVM500
  • IXY DV3
  • MV5
  • MV5i
  • MV5imc
  • MV6i
  • MV6imc
  • MV800
  • MV830
  • MV830i
  • MV850i
  • MV880X
  • MVX200
  • MVX200i
  • MVX20i
  • MVX250i
  • MVX25i
  • MVX300i
  • MVX30i
  • MVX35i
  • OPTURA 30
  • OPTURA 40
  • OPTURA 400
  • OPTURA 50
  • OPTURA 500
  • OPTURA 60
  • ZR200
  • ZR300
  • ZR400

Compatible with equipment (Part No.)

  • BP-2L18
  • BP-2L24
  • NB-2L18

Battery Canon NB-2L18 (Li-ion, 7.4V / 7,4 volt, 2000mAh / 2000 milliampere), article CS-NB2L18. Dimension, mm: 44.98 x 44.55 x 33.06. Remark: no information.

This battery is compatible with devices: CANON: Digital Rebel XT EOS 350D, DV5, DV5-BL, DV-FV M100, DVM3, ELURA 40mc, ELURA 50, ELURA 60, ELURA 65, ELURA 70, ELURA 80, ELURA 85, ELURA 90, FVM100 KIT, FVM20, FVM200, FVM30, FVM500, IXY DV3, MV5, MV5i, MV5imc, MV6i, MV6imc, MV800, MV830, MV830i, MV850i, MV880X, MVX200, MVX200i, MVX20i, MVX250i, MVX25i, MVX300i, MVX30i, MVX350i POWERSHOT S30, MVX35i, OPTURA 30, OPTURA 40, OPTURA 400, OPTURA 50, OPTURA 500, OPTURA 60, POWERSHOT S40, POWERSHOT S45, POWERSHOT S50, ZR200, ZR300, ZR400; CANON: BP-2L18, BP-2L24, NB-2L18.

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Very good product
Very good product, super practical and versatile.This battery takes a long time to discharge, not to mention the price is too low. Buy approved. A is to be commended. ...»


Baterija dobra, stigla za 9 dana. Jednom napunjena i drži za sada dva dana. Pakovanje profesionalno. Sve u najboljem redu. Battery good, arrived in 9 days. Once charged and held for two days now. Packing professionally. All right. ...»

Zikas Serbia

Batería ok!
Batería barata y de buen rendimiento. La recomiendo sinceramente porque tiene la misma calidad que la original y sin embargo un precio muy inferior. He comprado dos unidades porque siempre me gusta tener una de repuesto para cargar aparte con cargador externo. ...»


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